Do the seat cover fit all brands?

Yes, our seat cover is universal to fit all dirtbike brands and modells on the market. You find the product sizes under each product. If you're unsure, measure your seat before ordering.

Do you sell the whole seat?

No, for the moment we provide the seat cover. 

Do you ship worldwide? 

Yes, we ship world wide but we prefer that you support your closest dealer. Find your dealer here

Do you guarantee riding hours on products? 

No, we can't guarantee that your seat cover will last X amount of hours. It's the same as tires and grips for example. It's all about your ridingstyle. The harder you ride, the faster the cover will wear down. We have PRO-rider that rides fast, but not hard on their cover and it last 50 hours+. We have veterans that ride 50-100 hours+ so its very different. 

One thing it common. If you try it and like it, you don't ride with a standard cover again.