Will Onegripper fit my seat?

Yes, our seat cover is universal to fit all dirtbike brands and models on todays market. 
If you're unsure, measure your seat before ordering. 
You find the product sizes under each product.

 Does it fit my tall seat? 

Yes, it fits tall seats but to be 100% sure. Measure your seat and compare to the product measurements. 

 Do you sell Onegripper world wide?

Yes, we have two warehouses. One in Sweden and one in US. Most orders and special Custom Colors are delivered from Sweden. 

 How many hours should it last?

We can't guarantee that your seat cover will last X amount of hours but we are confident of our product and quality.
It's the same as tires and grips for example. It's all about your ridingstyle. The harder you ride, the faster the cover will wear down. We have PRO-riders that rides fast, but not hard on their cover and it last 100+ hours. Others can have it for 50 hours.

Most usual comment we get: When you have rode it ones, it's hard to go back to a original cover again...

 Do you sell complete seats?

No, we develop and sell seat cover only.

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