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ONEGRIPPER is a revolutionary patented seat cover with extreme grip and 100% waterproof. Developed by top riders for best performance in all conditions.

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Article Number: OGSC01-BL

ONEGRIPPER ™ - LIGHT comes with less friction to easier move your butt around on the seat, if you like that. Light comes with the new patented formula, less weight and the new solid unbreakable logo. Now it's also possible to stretch it out up to 8% for the biggest oversize seats. After you have stretched and installed the cover it wants to go back to its normal size which means it will be super tight on the seat. 

ONEGRIPPER Seat Cover is a revolutionary patented premium seat cover with extreme grip and durability for enduro, motocross, supercross and supermoto. The seat cover is developed by some of the top motocross and enduro riders in the world. Onegripper guarantees extreme grip in all weather, insane durability, 100% waterproof that saves your foam, awesome feeling and it saves your energy arms and upper body while racing.


  • Grip: Maximum grip in all conditions, even the muddiest race. A balance between too much and too little grip gives the rider a awesome feeling on the bike and provides a more relaxed ride that prevents armpump. 
  • Waterproof: 100% waterproof when riding and washing which extends the life of the seat by keeping the foam dry. The seat is also incredibly easy to wash.
  • Durable: A durable material blend creates a life of up to 2 to 3 times longer than standard and other covers on the market. No seams or creases that crack.
  • Energy: The grip saves your energy and you can ride more relaxed, which results in better fitness in the end of the race. The focus should be on the fun, riding! 

Product details:

  • Developed for: Enduro, Motocross, Supercross, Supermotard, snowmobile etc.
  • Fit: Fits most mc brands and models on todays market - "one size fits all".
  • Sheet size: 930*415mm.
  • Assembly: See instruction video below for installation.
  • Material: Made of several layers with a patented rubber formula.
  • Weight assembled: About 300gram on a 125cc and up depending on model.
  • Color: Black, Dark Blue, Red, Blue, Dark Grey, Light Grey, White, Orange, Green, Yellow
  • Seat cover for: KTM, Husqvarna, GasGas, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Sherco, Beta, Cake, Fantic, Stark Varg, Alta Motors, Triumph. 

Color match: (picture color on website may differ slightly from real product) 

  • Black - Universal
  • White - Universal
  • Red - Honda, GasGas, Beta, Fantic
  • Blue - Yamaha, Suzuki, Sherco
  • Dark Blue - Husqvarna, KTM
  • Orange - KTM