- Made for champions by champions -

OneGripper ™ is a revolutionary seat cover for Motocross and Enduro. The seat cover is developed by some of the world’s best Motocross and Enduro riders in the world. Onegripper has gone through some of the most extreme tests but has surpassed each time. Onegripper guarantees you extreme grip in all weather, insane durability, waterproof and great feeling on the bike.

Onegripper Seat Cover
85.53 EUR

Why choose ONEGRIPPER?


OneGripper ™ is made of a specially mixed material to maximize grip even in the most extreme weather conditions.


OneGripper ™ is made of durable material. It has been tested under the most extreme conditions of mx and enduro professionals around the world and delivered every time.


OneGripper™ does not drain water as a traditional coating. OneGripper is 100% waterproof extends the life of your seat by keeping the foam dry and fresh.


OneGripper ™ saves on youre energy and eliminates armpump by an extreme grip that will help you to relax more while riding.